How to conclude an essay

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Surely you have seen ready-made written work, which is called abstracts. At the very end of such work there is a certain list, according to which the process of selection of materials for the report itself actually took place. This list of references is not purely formal. In fact, this is quite serious information, which is taken into account when putting a mark for the work.

But then the question arises of how to compile this list, and moreover, find all the necessary materials. Not long ago there were no limitless open spaces on the Internet and I had to sit in a library for a very long time in order to create a competent work. In spite of the fact that now everything can be found on the Internet, it is absolutely impossible to do without visiting the library. But this is only if you want to get a competent unique job.

The study of literature and the selection of material for writing an essay is an integral part of the training, which is divided into several stages. First you need to decide which sources you are going to use. If you immediately found a lot of books and other materials for study, this does not mean that all of them are fashionable to use for the abstract. To use only relevant useful information, you need a lot of time to explore these sources.

Sources can be taken from various spheres. For example, you can find the necessary books on the recommendation of your teacher. You can also use the list of references from a similar work, which, for example, will be found on the Internet. There is also an option to use your key request, which is somehow connected with the topic of the abstract. At this request, you can select those authors who have finished work in this area.

So, you have several books available that are related to the object of your research. At this stage it is necessary to conduct a thorough filtration of these materials. To do this, we take each individual book and carefully study its contents into chapters and sections. If there is at least one useful part for the essay, then this book will need to be involved in the work. It is necessary to do so with all the available literature. As a result, a small list of the information that in some way can be useful should be formed.